This looks really well organized. I liked the flow of the writing but the thesis seems unclear. I get the idea of what you are trying to say but it needs to be spelled out planly. I had no idea that the director for their ads seemingly deserves to be fined for abuse himself. You have some good solid thoughts and agruments but also need the persuaders quote.

Below is just the writing and pictures of my Magazine Article over the controversy being brought up about the ASPCA ads, if you would like to read the actual Article the file link is above. just click on it and you should be able to open up my actual article in a word document.

ASPCA Ad Controversy
By Sylvia Bayerlein

Every American has seen at least one APSCA ad, whether it be their popular commercials showing off the abuse and cruelty the animals suffer through or their many different magazine, poster and internet ads. The one that we recall the most would have to be their commercial advertisements simply because of the way it makes us feel.

Within my research I have noticed that there is a huge difference between how people react to these commercials. There are the people who take the commercial too seriously and there are the people who don’t take it seriously enough. People who take the commercial too seriously tend to start crying and react fiercely with emotion and people who get angry at the commercials because they are annoyed that every time they see it they get emotional.
Mostly all of the commercials ads have pictures of innocent animals that have been severely neglected or abused. In the background you hear sad music playing. The most popular song that is played is Arms of an Angel by Sarah McLachlan, the sponsor for all of the ASPCA ads and is seen near the end of the commercial talking about how you can change the life of an animal today by donating so much amount of money. You can see Sarah in the picture below with her Labrador, whom she rescued while she was working for animal control.

“There's a first time to learn everything. The first time you understand, you imprint the meaning of this word; you create a mental connection that you're going to keep using the rest of your life. And to create this mental connection, you need some emotions. Without emotion, there is no production of neurotransmitters in the brain, and you don't create the connection. So actually every word has a mental highway.” These exact words were spoken by Clotaire Rapaille, French-born American cultural anthropologist and author. Rapaille is known to give advice to advertisers and as he said we make connections with words. At the end of the commercials for ASPCA Sarah McLachlan says that you can make a change for an abused and neglected animal by just donating so much a day. We have made the imprint that abused and neglected are terrible words and that if we change that we are being not only good people but changing someone’s life. That is why Neglected and Abused are the words use at the beginning of the commercial and Change is used at the end of the commercial.

Seems pretty mediocre, doesn’t it? Well it’s not. In fact many of the commercials, if not all of them, are trying to make you sad. The advertisers are trying to sell you sympathy for the animals. By having these animals look as neglected and abused as possibly the advertisers know they can get you to help donate to the organization.

Many people find these ads and commercials to be horrid and want them taken off of the air, and others find them so devastating that they can’t help but get teary eyed and give up most of their money to the organization.
Yes these ads are very horrible but they serve a purpose. They only mean to get you to donate to the organization. By showing you something seemingly innocent the advertisers want you to use your imagination to put the pieces together so your mind can see the horrible images instead of having them fully show you them. Take the image above for instance, looking at the panel of pictures you see first duct tape then a gas can then a cat, using your imagination you would be able to piece together all of the items within the picture and see a horrific image of a cat tied up on fire. Your mind would go through the entire event as if you were witnessing it right before your eyes. To further prove that the advertisers want you to use your imagination, underneath the picture are the written words whatever you can imagine we’ve seen worse. This is what usually happens every time an ASPCA commercial comes on or you see an ASPCA ad, your mind unconsciously goes through the event and that helps to contribute to why you are so very emotional over the ads. This would be exactly what the advertisers want. By showing you the images they want your mind to connect them, and if you’re upset by the commercials, you are reacting just the way the advertisers want you to.

While shooting the ASPCA commercial the director Nathan Foster was said to be furious at the insufficient pathetic condition of the dogs being used. Witnesses overheard him yelling at his casting director “these dogs are barely morose, and they need to be f*g pathetic. They look like they could start frolicking all over the place any minute! You couldn’t get me even one mutt with a missing eye or three legs or something.” Other sources have said that Foster order assistance to viciously beat the dogs for several hours so the animals can at least cower convincingly. All of this information I received from, a reliable source for news. Now you can clearly see that these advertisers, like Nathan Foster are just trying to sell appearances to its audience which essentially is you.

When you think about yourself you can surely realize that you don’t want to see a dog without an eye or a leg because that’s just not what society is meant to be or look like. The reason why these images have such a powerful affect on you is because society has always taught us to focus on the appearances of things around us. We want to see cute little dogs running on all four legs, but when we see them without one leg we think of how horrible it must be. But in retrospect it’s not that uncommon for a dog to be missing a leg or an eye, there could have been complications with his birth, or he could have gotten an infection. Just like the black Labrador above, being held by his owner. The black Lab does not have his left front leg, from several reactions I have seen by this picture all but one has said, what happened to the dog, or who did that to that cute dog. None of them realized that possibly this dog could have had some kind of infection or complication with his birth instantly their minds started to wonder who would do that to a dog, or why would anyone want to hurt an innocent dog because all of society has taught us to not view this dog as having some kind of complication but as something horrible happened to this dog, or someone did something horrible to this dog. We are a society based on appearances. And we cannot help the way we are.

Now that you see why you react the way you do to these commercials it should be said that just because you are not an animal rights activist or you don’t like animals these commercials should not further influence you. Yes, it is sad that advertisers would think that it would be necessary to put such horrible images on a commercial and on various ads so that we can give this organization money, but we must also think about what this organization does. Placing these horrible images in front of you shows you what the ASPCA does to help animals, and hopefully it shows you how horrible neglect and abuse can be. The commercials and ads are necessary, maybe they take it too far, but they are necessary.

Society does not want us thinking about the horrors of animal abuse and neglect. By placing direct images of these horrors in front of us we are given a glimpse into the life of those animals. We are shown what they suffer through. Maybe we don’t want to see these horrible images but we must, because we do not live in a perfect world where everything is perfect and everyone is nice to one another and nice to everything. Our would is corrupt, and that is what these commercials are trying to show you. As Aldous Huxley once wrote "We cannot always be completely truthful and rational circumstances permit us to be." By bending the truth ever so slightly the truth may be fully shown. By this i mean of course that by showing the perfered audience something maybe a little over the top, maybe the truth will sink in. By showing people these horrific pictures of animals being abused and neglected the idea of how horrible it truelly is can be shown.